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‘GLASTONBURY FAYRE’, documental online.

septiembre 4, 2009

(Extraído de wikipedia)

Glastonbury Fayre is a 1972 documentary film directed by Peter Neal of the 1971 Glastonbury Festival which was held on 20 June-24 June 1971.

The film is the first attempt to document the Glastonbury Festival which in 1971 was in its second year. Glastonbury Fayre is notable for being photographed by Nicolas Roeg and being one of the first films produced by David Puttnam. The film is a mix of performances from the likes of Arthur Brown and Fairport Convention, as well as scenes of festival-goers enjoying the festival. It does not feature any footage of David Bowie, who played at dawn; but he is on the soundtrack.

An album of performances from the festival, Revelations: Glastonbury Fayre, was also released in 1972 and has since become a rare collectors’ item; however, it features no performances in common with the film. The film received a VHS release during the 1990s but has since been deleted. A DVD of the film was released with the CD edition of the Arkana reissue of the album. A four minute clip of the film featured on the extras of the 2005 Glastonbury Anthems DVD.

The film includes performances from:

  • Arthur Brown
  • Family
  • Fairport Convention
  • Gong
  • Kingdom Come
  • Linda Lewis
  • Magic Michael
  • Melanie
  • Quintessence
  • Terry Reid
  • Traffic
  • Trumpton And The Riots
  • Tonto’s Expanding Head Band
  • Bostik Swastika