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MAD SEASON ‘LIVE AT THE MOORE’, concerto online.

febrero 21, 2010

Live at The Moore is a home video featuring the final live performance by the American rock band Mad Season. It was released on August 29, 1995.

It was recorded live at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington on April 29, 1995. The version of “November Hotel” played live was renamed “Black Mirror”. Live at the Moore was released on VHS only, with no official DVD version available.

Also included is footage of the band’s performance of “Lifeless Dead” from Pearl Jam’s January 8, 1995 Self Pollution Radio broadcast, a four-and-a-half hour long pirate broadcast out of Seattle which was available to any radio stations that wanted to carry it. “Lifeless Dead” is one of two songs that Mad Season played on the radio broadcast, along with “I Don’t Know Anything”, however “I Don’t Know Anything” has only circulated as an audio recording. Additionally, the video for “River of Deceit” is featured as well.


julio 27, 2009

Video bootleg dun concerto dos Screaming Trees, a banda liderada por Mark Lanegan.

Gravado en Olympia o 21 de marzo de 1997 durante a xira do seu último disco Dust con Josh Homme (Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age) á guitarra.

screaming trees ‘live at rockpalast’, online.

abril 23, 2009

Concerto de Screaming Trees na xira na que Josh Homme (ex-Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age) os acompañaba á guitarra.

Gravado o 15 de novembro de 1996 en Essen, Alemaña, para o programa Rockpalast.