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SIGUR RÓS ‘LIVE AT MOMA, NY’, concerto online.

enero 13, 2010

Shot live at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on Icelandic Independence Day, Sigur Rós @ MoMA is a unique concert film highlighting new material from the band’s latest album, “Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust”, as well as classic Sigur Rós songs. Directed by Alex Simmons.

ENVY ‘LIVE AT ERA CLUB 2003’, online.

noviembre 7, 2009

Video bootleg de moi boa calidade dun concerto da banda xaponesa Envy gravado o 12 de setembro de 2003 no Era Club da cidade xaponesa de Shimokitazawa.


agosto 29, 2009

Aquí tedes a terceiras parte do Especial NPA. Nesta ocasión temos outra tanda de videos bastante variados: dende os clásicos Alice Cooper, Lou Reed ou John Fogerty pasando polo maravilloso mundo de The Cramps, mártires como Jeff Buckley, rock 90’s da man de Hole, The Black Crowes ou Grant Lee Buffalo e moitos máis.

A disfrutar!

1. The Cramps – (1995)

2. Sparklehorse – ‘Hammering The Cramps’ (1996)

3. Alice Cooper – ‘Blow Me A Kiss’ (2000)

4. Rancid – ‘Ruby Soho’

5. Jeff Buckley – Grace (1995)

6. 16 Horsepower – ‘Haw’ (1997)

7. Beck – ‘Loser’ (1995)

8. Lou Reed – ‘Satellite Of Love’ (1996)

9. Grant Lee Buffalo – ‘Mockingbird’ (1994)

10. John Fogerty – ‘Proud Mary’ + ‘Joy Of My Life’ (1997)

11. The Black Crowes – ‘A Conspiracy’ (1994)

12. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – ‘Mistakes And Regrets’

13. Fiona Apple – ‘Shadowboxer’

14. Hole – ‘Doll Parts’ (1995)

15. Nashville Pussy – ‘Snake Eyes/Go Motherfucker Go’

16. ZZ Top – ‘She’s Just Killing Me’ + ‘Vincent Price Blues’ (1996)

17. Joseph Arthur – ‘Daddy’s On Prozac’ (1997)

18. Chris Cornell – ‘Can’t Change Me’ (1999)

19. Rocket From The Crypt – ‘Born In 69’ (1996)

20. Mogwai – ‘Summer’ (1998)

explosions in the sky ‘live at reckless records’, online.

mayo 13, 2009

A banda de Austin, Texas, Explosions In The Sky en directo na tenda de discos Resckless Records.

Yasmin The light
Once more to the afterlife
Greet Death

explosions in the sky ‘live at austin city limits’, online.

mayo 6, 2009

Concerto da banda de post-rock Explosions In The Sky para o programa de televisión Austin City Limits emitido pola PBS en 2008.